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What is Bodywork?

What is Bodywork?

Bodywork is a mutlifacited style of therapy requiring an indepth knowledge of physiology and designed with the intent on correcting dysfunctions anywhere in the body. To know how the body functions naturally is to know how to fix it when it is not functional. Another way to put it is to say that bodywork is concerned with getting to the root cause of a complication compared to just relieving the symptoms with massage. 

This does not mean that massage cannot be used in a bodywork session but the goal is to search out the primary aggravation and this is commonly neurological in nature before it becomes muscular in nature. Some questions to ask would be: Where is the aggravation located? Why is it dysfunctional? What is the stressor? What is the origin of the stressor? What can I do to prevent it from returning again? 

Remember that all dysfunctions (structural, nutritional, emotional, electrical) are signaling problems within the Nervous System (NS). Your NS is always acting first before you feel it physically. And a NS that is dysfunctional is a NS that is compromised leading to pain, discomfort, tightness, stiffness, injury, reinjury, loss of range of motion (ROM) and even organ/gland concerns.

Usually multiple types of modalities are used in a bodywork session to not only accurately assess the issue but also to treat the problem. Muscle testing, postural analysis, gait analysis, orthopedic tests, neurological challenge, palpation, and active and passive range of motion tests are some of the methods used to restore function. 

Once functionality has been restored and discomfort has been eliminated it is generally common to discuss homework such as postural reeducation, starting a strength program, implementing some type of movement therapy, stretching, paying attention to nutrition habits and/or getting continual bodywork and massage.  

So to fix an acute or chronic (more than 3 months) dysfunction bodywork is recommended. To promote blood and lymph flow but no dysfunction exist massage therapy is routinely recommended. 


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