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Vitamins are Whole not Isolated

Vitamins are Whole not Isolated

Since I started recommending the use of supplements to some of my clients to correct  nutritional dysfunctions I've noticed that there is some confusion and even outright ignorance about what vitamins are. I can't blame my clients or people in general for their bewilderment since there is a lot of misinformation regarding vitamins/supplements floating around out there. My goal in this blog is to clear up some misunderstandings.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that all vitamin supplements are the same and it is just a matter of choosing a company you like and calling it a day. But believing that all vitamins/supplements are the same is deeply wrong and this thinking could lead to more problems down the road. 

The one thing everyone should know is that simply referring to a vitamin as a vitamin is incomplete. In makeup vitamins have multiply components to them and never represent themselves as isolates. Therefore vitamins as nature sees them should be properly understood as VITAMIN COMPLEXES. 

Real vitamin C or VITAMIN C COMPLEX is composed of ascorbic acid, vitamin P (bioflavonoids, rutin), vitamin K, vitamin J, tyrosinase, phytonutrients, enzymes, co-enzymes, ascorbigen, bioflavonoid complexes, trace elements, activators and even unknown and undiscovered factors. But most people inaccurately think of vitamin C as just ascorbic acid which is the isolate of one aspect of the VITAMIN C COMPLEX. If you are using a vitamin supplement that is labeled ascorbic acid that is all you are getting. The ascorbic acid is most likely synthetic which will promote biochemical imbalances.

Ascorbic acid isolated physiologically does not work. Your body interprets the ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C) as insufficient (and toxic by the way) when ingested and now has to draw the other vitamin C components out of storage to make up the VITAMIN C COMPLEX, if you even have enough of the other components stored in the first place. Over time this will deplete all the elements in reserve of the VITAMIN C COMPLEX if you continue to take just ascorbic acid and make the nutritional dysfunction even more defective. 

That is why when you are getting sick just taking ascorbic acid will not help your immune system fight off a cold and may actually make it worse or at least prolong it. Taking VITAMIN C COMPLEX will help prevent a cold and fight it off if you feel one brewing. All vitamins should be consumed as a VITAMIN COMPLEX whether from whole, organic, raw, real food and/or whole food supplements.

Notice how I said whole food supplements and not just supplements. This is important to remember because VITAMIN COMPLEXES again have to be used in their whole biochemical form to be useful to the body and this only comes from complete sources. Your supplements should be made from WHOLE FOODS. If they are not made form whole foods then they are imperfect and most likely synthetic. 


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