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Why You Should Squat and Deadlift

Why You Should Squat and Deadlift

The main reason why anyone and technically everyone should squat and deadlift in the gym is to strengthen the posterior chain. Why? Because the posterior chain allows you to walk, run, sprint and jump. At the minimum walking is a part of your daily life. If you play sports speed, agility and explosive movements are indispensable components.

A chain or muscle chain is a series of muscles that function together to perform movement. There are multiply chains endemic to the body. They are located on the outside of the body and deep within. They run in every direction. Arm to arm. Leg to leg. Arm to leg. Head to arm. Head to foot. We cannot perform any gross operation without them. 

The most important of all the muscle chains is the posterior chain. Mainly because of gate. It starts on the bottom of both feet at the toes and moves up the back of the leg through the glutes up both sides of the spine up over the head and terminates at the eye brow. 

When stationary all initial movement begins with the posterior chain. The posterior chain launches the push off in gate to propel the body forward. Immediately afterward all the other chains assist in the various phases of gate until motion is stopped. If motion is again needed the posterior chain activates the sequence anew. Repeat. Stop. Repeat.

The same goes for sitting. When stationary all initial movement begins with the posterior chain. The posterior chain lifts the body out of the seated position to full extension. Then propels the body into gate. 

Two of the most important functional actions of the body are controlled by the posterior chain.

Running or sprinting is gate with a much higher velocity. Jumping is fast squating. Both also heavily reliant on the strength of the posterior chain.

The two exercises that will strengthen the posterior chain are the squat and the deadlift. The squat is a pushing motion and the deadlift is a pulling motion. These two motions should be trained on the same day if possible.  

At the very least squat and deadlift weekly to help improve basic movement. If you play a sport squating and deadlifting can literally put you a step above. 

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