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Another Look at the Spine 2

Another Look at the Spine 2

In my blog Another Look at the Spine (see October 6th) I talked about a structural function of the spine known as Lovett Reactor. Today I want to elaborate on this topic some more in its association with gate and chronic nutritional issues. 

I mentioned that each vertebra can rotate side left or side right independent of the vertebra above and below it. These rotational movements are very small. Only a few degrees change in either direction. 

I am not talking about the gross actions of the spine like flexion (bending forward) or side bending where the spine is moving as a whole. I am talking about the ability of each vertebrae to move (rotate) separate from its neighbor. 

Although these vertebral rotary movements are finite they contribute a great deal to larger movements.

In gate several muscles along the spine turn on and off to allow walking to happen. These muscles can only turn on and off if the corresponding vertebra and its Lovett Reactor can rotate in the direction it needs to to allow the muscles to act during a certain phase in gate. 

When the right leg and left arm move forward the flexor muscles on those limbs turn on. The extensor muscles on those same limbs turn off. On the opposite side of the body the left leg and right arm move backward turning on the extensor muscles and turning off the flexor muscles on those limbs. 

They switch. Then switch again until gate is terminated. This is only possible if the vertebrae along the spine rotate out of the way. Pretty cool huh!!

Remember too that each vertebra is related to an organ and/or gland in the body. If you are having recurrent chronic problems with a certain vertebra get the associated organ/gland checked for nutritional deficiencies. This goes for Lovett Reactor as well.

Chronic issues with the C1 vertebra is related to food sensitivities. This means the stomach should be evaluated for proper functioning with clinical nutrition tools. C1s' Lovett Reactor is L5 which is related to Prostate and Uterus trouble. 

The primary problem could be with C1 and secondary with L5? This could mean some food is causing improper digestion which is leading to inadequate nutrients for the prostate/uterus. The primary problem could start with L5 and secondarily with C1? Either way Lovett Reactor says to check the similar vertebrae if you want to resolve the matter completely. 

I hope all this makes sense to you. If gives new meaning to keeping the spine healthy doesn't it. 


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