Rodney McBride


Rodney McBride B.S. CSCS CPT LMT 
H  72 Vernon Street #3 Oakland CA 94610
W  The Working Body 614 Grand Ave Suite B Oakland CA 94610
W  The Flood Building 870 Market Street Suite 349 San Francisco CA 94102
C  310.473.9443

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  1. After reading a chapter on injury reversal in "The 4-Hour Body" by Tim Ferriss, I began looking locally for a Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) Specialist because I had a couple old injuries (herniated discs, shoulder joint tear) and a new one-- yoga was making my elbows hurt.

    Rodney told me that MAT is an old-school version of the Applied Kinesiology technique he uses called PDTR (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex) and so I was willing to give PDTR a try. At first I thought the technique was a little strange-- I think it's because it's all about repairing your nerves, not your muscles or bones, so, it uses sound waves and magnets while you work through range of motion movements on an athletic table in gym clothes-- but I am open to trying new things... especially when it comes to curing chronic pain.

    I was convinced in the first hour that PDTR is the Real Deal when it comes to healing injuries-- Walking in, I wasn't able to do one single pushup without my elbows hurting, and by the end of my session I did 10 one-legged yoga pushups which I've never been able to do in my life...! And he hasn't had to work on my elbows ever again (technically, it was my triceps). I think the permanence of this PDTR technique is what amazes me the most.

    What I love most is how Rodney worked really hard to get me to a permanently healthy state where I can now start training and lifting with him and working on nutrition and all these longevity things beyond injury and pain management-- I only really need this bodywork now once I go do something dumb like help a friend move and throw out my back or something :) Which is different than how chiropractors and masseuses have made me feel in the past.

    Anyway. I'm a huge fan of Rodney and his work, as you can tell. And I've tried pretty much everything. Totally worth it.


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